case_servicesThe Practice has a wealth of experience, allowing us to provide the following design & detailing services:

*      Roads & Drainage                                *     Retaining Walls
*      Multi Storey Buildings                         *     Industrial Buildings
*      Refurbishment                                     *     Concrete Repairs
*      Marine Works                                       *     Temporary Works
*      Foundations                                         *     Piling
*      Structures in Masonry, Timber, Steelwork & Concrete
*      Structures, Earthworks & Maintenance for Network Rail

The practice undertakes a wide variety of commissions ranging from domestic projects to large commercial developments with a value in excess of £20m.

CASE Consultants regularly undertake Structural and Condition Surveys on domestic, industrial and commercial buildings.

The Chartered Engineers are able to act as Expert Witnesses and provide Contract Administration as well as being experienced in the writing and interpretation of Contract Documents.

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